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Index of Scientific Studies proving the efficacy
and effectiveness of Therapeutic Massage
as a healing modality.
Massage Debunkers Debunked!
Some skeptics attempt to debunk
Massage Therapy as a effective treatment.
Here such arguments are addressed.

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Massage Benefits

Benefits of Massage Therapy Proven: Latest News

Massage Therapy benefits are numerous, and always have been. Rather than a hedonistic session of self-pampering, Massage Therapy, as of late, is being recognized as having clinical value in dealing with various health issues.

It is probably for that reason that the practice of massage therapy is nearly ubiquitous to the many regions of the world. From ancient China and Egypt, to Greece and Rome, touch therapy has been practiced for millennia.

In nearly every culture, we find unique healing modalities involving touch . The practice of Massage Therapy, in one form or another, probably extends as far back as pre-recorded history. After all, when a part of the body hurts, it's natural to want to massage it. People took note of the fact that rubbing a painful area was helpful.

In the past, we relied solely on anecdotal evidence (people's accounts) suggesting that Therapeutic Massage benefits exist. It seemed, from these anecdotal reports, that Massage Therapy could help with a range of health conditions and complaints. Until the twentieth century, anecdotal reports were satisfactory. As we entered the age of Modern Medicine, our expectations changed: claims without proof were no longer sufficient. This was reasonable.

For many decades, not many studies were conducted to find out the facts regarding the potential benefits of Massage Therapy. There just wasn't sufficient interest. Even some doctors would regularly received treatment, failed to consider whether the benefits of massage extended beyond the relief of sore muscles and a bit of relaxation.

In recent years, however, as Massage Therapy has gained a foothold in our society, increased interest and respect for therapeutic massage has led to a plethora of new research aimed at determining if Massage Therapy Benefits are real or just imaginary.

CLICK HERE to Link to the WikiPedia Massage Benefits Entry

CLICK HERE to Link to Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine (eCAM)

CLICK HERE to Link to Oprah Web Article on Massage Benefits

CLICK HERE to Link to NY Times Article on How Massage is PROVEN to Bring About Biological Changes

CLICK HERE to Link to News Story (7-25-11) on How a New Study in The Annals of Internal Medicine PROVES Massage Therapy Helps

Index of Conditions That Massage Therapy May Help Address:

Chronic Pain Headaches Lower Back Pain
Upper Back Neck Pain Fibromyalgia
Chronic Pain Stress & Tension Relief Migraines
TMJ Relaxation & Calmness Depression
Circulation Accident Rehabilitation Post-Op Rehab
High Blood Pressure Range of Motion Immune System
Insomnia Sports Injury Poor Posture
Allergies Anxiety Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Joint Injury Elder / Geriatric Issues Homebound
Autism Sciatica Pediatric Conditions

BOLD ENTRIES = Massage Information Pages Available at This Time.

Click on one of the above topics to open a page about a specific benefit of Massage Therapy.

(Projected Date of Completion for Phase IV of this Project: Spetmeber 15, 2016)

Massage Studies / Massage Abstracts:

Recent clinical studies have proven the validity of all kinds of specific benefits of Therapeutic Massage. Click HERE to Link to Our Massage Studies / Abstracts Page, the most current and comprehensive resource of studies of Massage Therapy, updated monthly. If you're curious, and want to learn more about what's already been proven about how massage therapy can help a variety of conditions, here's the place to start your research. CLICK HERE to link to our Massage Studies Abstracts Page.

Massage Skeptics / Accusations of Quackery:

Some have accused Massage Therapists, Massage Therapy Schools, and/or certain massage modalities and techniques as being based on pseudo-scientific nonsense, essentially leveling accusations of promoting ‘quackery'. Many skeptics argue that massage therapy cannot help with ANY health condition, and to claim otherwise is, again, quackery. On this page, we explore some of the more common arguments against Massage Therapy and respond with fact. CLICK HERE to link to our Massage Skeptics Page.

Allegations of Quackery in Asian Bodywork Modalities

Asian Healing Modalities, such as Shiatsu, Acupressure, and others, are often characterized as fraudulent and ineffective, and even potentially harmful. Skeptics argue that such modalities are rooted in imaginary make-believe, as the concepts at the heart of such Chinese, Indian, and other Eastern schools of thought are derived from non-Western concepts and ideation. Should we respect a different approach, even if we are unsure why and how it works? Is that a call for more clinical research, or a ban on the study and practice of Chinese and Asian BodyWork Therapies? CLICK HERE to link to our Asian Healing Modalities Massage Quackery Page.

Quackery & Skepticism Links:

A page of nothing but links to web sites that address the phenomenon of QuackBusting. Included are links to some of the more popular Quackbusting and Skepticism sites, as well as a plethora of responses by those accused by known QuackBusters. The focus of this web page is NOT confined to alleged quackery or fraud in Massage Therapy, but rather provides a broad background on the indivudals and groups behind the movement to label all different kinds of Alternative Therapy as Quackery, as well as current court cases, and other related information. CLICK HERE to link to our Quackery & Skepticism Links Page.

Massage Survey:

Our Massage Survey page features an informal set of survey questions that will change over time. Our current set of questions offers an insight into our web users' experience with Massage Therapy and Quackery. We invite you to participate; answering all questions only takes a minute. CLICK HERE to link to our Massage Survey Page.

Editorial Board, H. Miller, Content Editor

As Massage Therapists, our role as part of your health care team is clear.
We are not Doctors or Nurses, and cannot replace their vital services.
But the number of conditions that Massage Therapy has been proven to help with
grows by the week, as new research is conducted worldwide about the far-ranging effects
of Therapeutic Massage.

The Massage Benefits Section of this web site is dedicated to learning, and sharing,
information about evidence-based Therapeutic Massage and health. As Massage Therapists, we
feel it is essential for our clients to be educated about Massage Therapy, and
the state of current research. This site is owned and operated by H. Miller, and is a non-moderated platform.

Our mission, with regard to the Massage Benefits section of NJMassage.Info,
is to inform our clients, and worldwide web users browsing our site,
about Massage Therapy, with regard to various topics including
quackery, current research studies, as well as conditions that Massage
Therapy shows promise with, as supported by medical and university research.

The information provided on the NJMassage.Info web site is
for informational purposes only and should not be considered
medical, psychiatric, psychological or behavioral health
care advice. Nothing contained on the NJMassage.Info web site is
intended to be used for medical diagnosis or treatment or as a
substitute for consultation with a qualified health care professional.
NJMassage.Info displays advertisements and links to third party websites.
Mountainside On-Site Masage Therapy does not make any representation,
warranty, or endorsement of any product or service or the content
or accuracy of any materials contained in, or linked to,
any advertisement or link on the Site. All advertisements are clearly marked.
Ad proceeds may be used to help fund this site.

Page created April 21, 2011. Last modified 23 August, 2016.



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